Your nonprofit clients have many considerations to make when crafting an employee benefits package for their staff. Nonprofit employers are met with the task of providing effective health strategies, coverage, and insurance, all while complying with the law in order to reduce their Nonprofit Employee Benefits Liability risks. An additional challenge these professionals face is budget limitations; how can nonprofits effectively use their benefits package to attract and retain talent while maintaining the economic limitations they face?

Employees appreciate recognition. According to a recent Gallup report, recognizing employees for their hard work, achievements, or even personal milestones demonstrates admiration for said staff. How does that translate to employee benefits? This reveals that the perfect benefits package doesn’t necessarily have to rely on monetary rewards.

An article from Commongood Careers recommends benefit features such as allowing employees to work from home for a day as a reward for an accomplishment, or throwing in-office parties to celebrate organizational milestones. Employers could even recognize birthdays. The bottom line is that for most employees, no matter their industry, benefits are often as much about showing respect as they are about providing monetary compensation.

In fact, in a study conducted by the organization, it was found that nonprofit jobseekers ranked benefits such as “vacation policies” and “flexible work plans such as 4-day work weeks” as the most important non-salary benefits available. Nonprofit employees, for the most part, seem to prefer these factors over traditional benefits such as dental, vision, performance bonuses, student debt repayment, etc.

While it’s vital to invest in their management’s capacity to maintain performance levels while implementing these benefits, your clients certainly do have the option to offer low-to-no-cost alternative time-off benefits and other work flexibility options.

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