Social Service Insurance: Insuring Animal Shelters

One of the most important factors that your clients in the social services sector should be aware of when it comes to insurance coverage, is that there is no such thing as a comprehensive policy that covers everything. This is true in any industry. When it comes to animal shelters, however, there are a few essential coverages that these particular clients should pay significant attention to.

General Liability, which covers claims for bodily injury or property damage to people not associated with the business, is one of these important coverages. It’s important to note that your animal shelter clients’ general liability policy should come from an agency that specializes in this type of social service insurance. The reason for this is because some policies may automatically exclude this type of coverage for events involving animals, who are unpredictable and immediately increase risks in any setting.

Another important insurance coverage for animal shelters is workers compensation. Naturally, dogs and cats, especially those who may be fearful or otherwise aggressive are going to present a large risk for your clients’ employees and volunteers. Workers compensation is legally required in most states, however similar to general liability; your clients will want to ensure that the company they are insured by covers this niche market.

A third important coverage for animal shelters, and really any non-profit or social service organization, is umbrella liability insurance. This coverage extends the liability limits of your clients’ general liability, workers compensation, directors and officers, commercial auto policy, and more. Purchasing this type of policy will significantly increase your clients’ coverage, by adding just a small amount to their premium.

At Charity First, animal shelters are just one of the target classes in various programs that we have a market available for coverage. We have written thousands of nonprofits, social service and human service agencies, and understand the unique and complex risks that come with the incredible work these organizations do. Please contact us today for more information at (800) 352-2761.