Non Profit Liability Insurance: Protecting Community Centers

Community centers are arguably one of the most vulnerable non profit businesses there is when it comes to legal risks. Reason for this being, many community center directors rarely have the means to provide regular supervision and maintenance of their property from staff or volunteers. Also, community centers are used for a variety of purposes, whether it be senior activities, children’s birthday parties, or wedding receptions and other events that might include alcohol consumption. All of these scenarios present unique non profit liability insurance risks.

Property. Consider this; a couple decides to host their wedding reception in your client’s community center, and brings alcohol to serve. However, a guest becomes intoxicated, and accidentally trips and damages a fine art piece that was on display in the center. Without the right type of property insurance coverage, your client could be held personally responsible to replace that item. Property insurance also protects against unforeseen weather conditions or natural disasters.

Worker’s Compensation. Community centers often rely on volunteers to donate time in order to set up events. If one of those volunteers were to injure themselves by slipping, tripping, or even lifting something and hurting their backs, the community center for which they were volunteering will likely be held liable. In most states, worker’s compensation is legally required of employers. However, non profit companies don’t always think of the implications they face with volunteers.

Automobile. Does your client’s community center employ volunteers or maintenance employees who drive vehicles specifically for the center? If so, business auto is an absolutely necessary coverage. Even if your client uses their personal vehicles for work related tasks, this coverage will cover incidents that a personal insurance policy may not.

These are just a few of the essential Non Profit Liability Insurance Coverages that community centers should have. At Charity First, we are committed to helping you place comprehensive coverage for your non profit clients. Our mission is to provide coverages tailored to meet the unique needs of this niche market segment. Please contact us today for more information at (800) 352-2761.