5 Reasons Stakeholder Surveys Are Worth the Effort

The effectiveness of a program, event or campaign can be difficult for nonprofit organizations to measure. It can also be a challenge to get the feedback needed to know what worked and what didn't, so organizations can make necessary changes and improvements to better serve the needs of their stakeholders.

Here, we’ll look at the importance of stakeholder surveys and five ways they can benefit your nonprofit clients.

Understanding Stakeholder Surveys

These surveys are a tool used by nonprofit organizations to better understand and serve stakeholders. A typical survey includes a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions to capture a range of stakeholder perspectives and opinions. Essentially an analysis, a survey is useful in helping nonprofits gain an awareness of whom the organization impacts and how and why so it can make changes and better fulfill its mission.

Key benefits of stakeholder surveys

  1. Identifying key issues. Stakeholder surveys provide nonprofits with insight into issues that in turn will allow them to zero-in on specific problems and proactively solve them.
  2. Maintaining an open dialogue. Stakeholder surveys help keep the conversation between the organization and its constituents open and ongoing. This helps nonprofits keep sight of what is important to those they serve.  
  3. Ensuring inclusivity. Stakeholder surveys that are sent to all constituents give everyone — not just a select subset of individuals — a voice and provide a more holistic view.   
  4. Identifying improvements. Stakeholder surveys can provide feedback and suggestions for improving programs and services that can help organizations make changes and operate more effectively.
  5. Providing insights. Surveys can help nonprofits better understand what it is that truly motivates their supporters to continue donating to the organization. Having this insight is key to knowing what matters to their stakeholders — including volunteers.  

The insights gained from stakeholder surveys can promote a shared understanding and stimulate creative and integrative thinking that can open up new approaches and solutions.  If your nonprofits are struggling with how to improve the services and programs they provide, surveys can be a great way to bring about change.

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