Organizational Security: Keeping Schools Safe

School and workplace shootings, stabbings, and other terrorist attacks are more common these days than you might think.

FBI data tells us that there have been 250 active shooter incidents in the US between 2000 and 2017—resulting in 2,217 casualties. According to a recent CNN study, there were 23 school shootings involving injuries or fatalities only 21 weeks into 2018—averaging over one a week.

The risk of a school being involved in a shooting is still rare—but it isn’t zero. And while the data gives us plenty of information on the volume and location of incidents, it doesn’t tell you how to keep a school safe.

This new white paper, Organizational Security, brought to you from our partner ProTac, provides detailed information on keeping an organization safe—including both physical and digital measures the security staff should be taking, starting now.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

The steps that can be taken minimize risk. Homeland Security tells us that “the time to figure out how to deal with an attack is not while it’s happening.” This white paper walks you through the specific steps organizations should take before an attack to keep people and property safe.

How to safeguard a location. Learn all of the factors that security professionals take into account, including maintaining a secure perimeter, points of entry, surveillance cameras, and an effective policy for security badges.

Digital media monitoring. Assailants frequently post about their intentions days, weeks, or even months before an incident occurs. Learn the signs on social media that will give advance warning of an attack.

Communication pitfalls. Learn the one common pitfall of school communication systems during an attack—and the steps an organization can take to avoid it.

Post-incident recovery. After an incident occurs, it can take a significant amount of time and resources to move on. This white paper discusses business continuity, return-to-work and counseling strategies an organization can put in place—in case the worst happens.

One fatality is too many. Learn how to protect students, staff, and property—both physically on campus, in the areas surrounding campus, and by monitoring digital media.

While school shootings and other terrorist attacks are rare, they do happen—and it’s crucial to be prepared. Download the Organizational Security white paper here—and learn how to put the safeguards in place that will keep a school or organization safe.