You can’t talk about the backbone of a nonprofit organization without mentioning its trustee volunteers. These individuals help to carry out the practices of the nonprofit while also upholding the values and the cause. In order to better manage these individuals, a volunteer handbook should be crafted to establish expectations, relay critical information about the organization, and demonstrate the importance these volunteers have on the nonprofit.  In addition to implementing these three components, ensure your clients are equipped with a Nonprofit Liability Program to curb any additional risks.

#1: Welcome Letter

This sets the stage for introducing and welcoming volunteers to the organization. This letter should include a simple introduction to the nonprofit, explain the mission statement, and highlight the roles that volunteers will play. Keep it simple- refrain from using jargon or acronyms that new volunteers might not be familiar with. Lastly, promote an open and positive work environment within the letter.

#2: Organization’s Information

What does the nonprofit stand for? How was it started and why? What are its values and goals? How are these goals going to be executed? Where does the organization want to be in 5 years’ time? The vision should be clearly portrayed so that volunteers can easily feel a sense of pride and ownership over their efforts. Include information about what they can expect from working within the organization and the roles they will be responsible for, as well.

#3: Policies and Procedures

Naturally, no handbook would be sufficient without a component for policies and procedures.  These specifications include, but are not limited to, policies that manage dress code, violence protocols, code of conduct, alcohol and tobacco policies, confidentiality, and reporting strategies says USO Volunteer. Other policies that might be helpful to develop are social media sharing, photo sharing, and dispute resolution. In addition, these handbooks should include a section for FAQ’s and a calendar of events for reference.

Volunteer handbooks are a must-have for any nonprofit organization that utilizes volunteers. By implementing these components, your clients are sure to have a successful volunteer handbook and reduce any confusion or questions that might arise. At Charity First, we understand the hazards faced by the nonprofit sector. Our unique understanding of the industry has allowed us to successfully serve our clients for the last 30 years. For more information about our policies, contact us today at (800) 352-2761.