Building a successful nonprofit brand can result in positive reputation, increase in donors and funding, and additional resources. While branding is no easy task, understanding the basics of how to do so can put your client’s nonprofit on the map. Therefore, in addition to securing their operations with a comprehensive Nonprofit Liability Insurance Program, share this information with your clients.

#1: Clear Impact Claim

A clear objective of the impact the nonprofit wishes to achieve is paramount to their success. To be effective, their claim must be relevant, compelling, and widely accepted. Demonstrate how others can contribute and why they need to participate with a clear, significant message.

#2: Communication

In today’s digital age, a website is the core to a nonprofit’s communication structure. Nonprofit Quarterly explains that not only is it often a nonprofit’s first point of contact with its stakeholders, it’s also where the organization controls how its story is told; since almost no one challenges the content of organizational web pages, it is the place where a nonprofit can describe its work however it sees fit and however it believes will register best with visitors.

#3: Positive Leadership

Employing a big-name CEO is a great way to start the branding of a nonprofit. Not only will this person serve as the voice of the brand, but he or she can also bring credibility and respect to the organization.

#4: Size of the Budget

The bigger the budget, the more legitimate a nonprofit organization appears. Either for the right reasons or the wrong ones, big budgets convey permanence and relevance for the nonprofit, says the article. Therefore, your clients should pull resources and gather funds to improve their budget size however possible.

While there is no shortage of competition, it’s imperative to focus resources, time, and energy on building a successful brand. Work on building a website and providing effective communication to donors, and the self-reinforcing cycle of a powerful brand is bound to pay off.

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